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RoVR marine telepresence system demo at SVVR

December 2014
Mountain View - Hundreds of people attended the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality holiday party at the Computer History Museum and VRLab brought a couple of in house projects to demonstrate the work being done in the Bay Area.

Project RoVR is built upon the work of the OpenROV submarine drone and demonstrates a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for an underwater telepresence system. Presently the system is designed to work on Oculus DK2, bringing telemetry, HUD and Camera into virtual space. The goal is to "become the robot" and allow anyone anywhere in the world to put on a Virtual Reality Headset and go for a "virtual SCUBA diving trip" from the comfort of their home or office.

VRLab OpenROV Submarine Telepresence System shown at 2014 SVVR Party

"With the ubiquity of the Google Cardboard, the opportunity for anyone to use their cell phone to enter a virtual world is here at low cost. Robotic telepresence and marine exploration create an opportunity for everyone to explore the world's oceans" Iva Leon a lab partner at VRLab said. "We are working with DoDoCase marketing low cost cardboard HMD systems in San Francisco to understand what people want to experience in virtual reality. The ability to dive into your phone and swim is compelling. Building on what we have learned from RoVR, VRLab has begun Project 6 to move beyond the DK2 platform to the Samsung GearVR and Cardboard SDK so we can make this platform available to a broader less technical audience."

About RoVR

RoVR is VRLab's 5th virtual reality project and began as a collaboration with Artifactory and OpenROV at the VR Hackathon.

About VRLab Project 6

Project 6 explores gimbal mounted stereoscopic camera systems with full head tracking for deep immersion.

About VRLab

VRLab was established in 2014 to produce and coordinate projects out of the virtual reality community. The lab provides a conduit for projects to find backers and investors to fulfill their needs and mentors to develop their projects for delivery to the market.